Get To Know (BYOD) Be Your Own Desire Cosmetics

People have been conditioned to think that those who always wear makeup are insecure – hiding their flaws and not loving their ‘true’ bare-faced selves. And the sad reality is, many women, in particular, have been shamed for wearing ‘too much makeup.’ Although it is true that makeup enhances one’s appearance, makeup is so much more than that. It is considered by many – both men and women alike – as an art form (and an extremely empowering one, that is).

It is actually pretty simple: when a person looks good, he or she feels good, too. "Getting dolled up with makeup" has the power to boost one’s self-esteem and make a person confident about oneself. In fact, makeup is a tool that helps people express themselves better, much like how paint is to painters – and this is what online makeup brand Be Your Own Desire (BYOD) aims to provide through their own line of cosmetic products.

BYOD’s cosmetic line includes high quality makeup products that are essential to complete and slay a full face of makeup look. From face products with a wide range of shades, such as foundations, concealers, and "contour" and "highlight palettes", to lip and eye products of different types and colors, BYOD has it all covered. With the help of BYOD makeup products, “be your own desire, the lure is inevitable,” says CEO Shanda Renee.

BYOD is made available internationally, which means more people can experience the power of makeup regardless of where they are in the world.

Be Your Own Desire or BYOD is an online cosmetics store that seeks to empower people to love and embrace their true selves through the art of makeup. BYOD currently offers a variety of makeup products, such as foundations, concealers, contour and highlight palettes, eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow pencils, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses.

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